Okay, so I haven’t moved to Disneyland per se (wouldn’t that be awesome!) But . . .

Huffs and puffs and falls down, sweating profusely.  Moving isn’t easy, you know?  Hauling everything over to a new website is NOT easy work (I really hate lifting things), and I haven’t worked out enough for this!  Do you see these tiny little stick arms?  Oh . . . well, that’s right, maybe you can’t.  TRUST ME, they are tiny little stick arms.

Okay, OKAY.  I can see you’re not buying my act that moving websites was really hard physical labor.  Tough crowd . . .

Suffice it to say, I picked up my hands and plopped my fingers down on the keyboard. I did some searching, made some decisions, and the result was moving my website over to Wordpress.  Quite a few of my fellow WIPpeteers have WordPress, and I do believe they are onto something.  This place has more of what I want, which is a website-feel rather than a blogging feel.

Bear with me as I get the feel of this place and settle myself into a look and a groove that I am comfortable with.  Help yourself to some light snacks (and I really do mean light, it will seem as if you have taken a bite of thin air) and settle in with me to my new blogging/website home.