Hello fellow WIPpeteers!  As you can see, I’ve moved.  I see that many of you use WordPress, and I did some investigating and found that I like the look of it better than BlogSpot.  I was absent last week from WIPpet Wednesday because I was out of town, but this week I am back!  Without further ado, here are 8 sentences from the 2nd chapter of Spellbound in the “How You Found Me” series, in celebration of the 8th month of August.


Terry stood still, silently appraising his karate pupil as the seven year old boy moved through the motions of a low block four times in succession, stopped and paused, then moved through the motions for a high block.  The movements were slow and deliberate, the child’s eyes focused on a particular spot in the wall, concentration and desire to move through the exercise without a mistake clearly evident.

This was Greg’s second private karate lesson.  Normally for someone his age, Terry was used to seeing a child half-heartedly stroll through the first few lessons with more excitement and thrills than any actual determination for immediate perfection and mastery.  He had to remind himself, yet again, that Harper’s Grove wasn’t like Emery, his hometown.  Here, children that enrolled at Artie’s Gym had too much of a personal reason to learn how to defend from an attack.  Greg was not the first pupil to show such grim determination at so young an age for mastering everything Terry was teaching.  No, he had a full day ahead with other pupils of varying ages with that same look in their own eyes.


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