stressed_outLife has felt a little bit crazy lately.  My daily routine has changed a little, and family has taken a more prominent role in the last month or so.  Family is near and dear to my heart.  Always has been, always will be.

My writing schedule has suffered, and writer’s block has ensued.  Spellbound is, regretfully, behind schedule.  I had a goal of getting it finished by the end of September, but I have had to re-analyze the possibility of me achieving this.  Is it achievable?  I would have to dedicate more of my time to writing, forego a little bit of sleep, cut back on my family social life, and the answer would be that, yes, this is achievable.  Would I have to sacrifice ALL of those things in order to do that?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps just a little of each, here and there.  The end of September isn’t really that far away.

Yet. . .

I’ve had sort of an epiphany in the last twenty-four hours.  You see, there has been another story burning in the back of my mind for quite some time.  I haven’t let myself write any of it, because it was just a fantasy, a result of a dream that I’d had and I let myself run with it and form a story out of it.

But that wasn’t the story I was wanting to tell.  It’s a fanfiction story.  My dedication was toward Spellbound.  That was my goal, that was what I wanted to write.

Until the writing came to a slow crawl, and I was lucky to get out a few hundred words every few nights, if that.  Family came more into focus around this time as well.

I was starting to feel frustrated.  I was coming up with too many excuses on why I wasn’t able to write Spellbound, on why the time wasn’t there.

Yesterday, I made a decision.  I was daydreaming about my fanfiction story when the thought occurred to me, you really should write this.  It would be fun.  You’d enjoy it.

Over the weekend I attended an Aspiring Author’s Summit, and though that seems like a tangent thought, advice that I walked away from was giving myself permission to be creative.  I feel like creativity has struggled with the current stage I am at in Spellbound, and so I came to the decision yesterday that my happiness was in creativity, not in deadlines.

So I have said goodbye to my deadline of finishing Spellbound by the end of September, and I gave myself permission to be creative.  I gave myself permission to start writing the fanfiction story.

Yesterday evening was a really awesome time at home.  Family members saw the look in my eye as I sat down at my laptop, and they knew that I was not to be disturbed.

Last night I wrote the first chapter of my fanfiction story.  It. Felt. Wonderful.

In one evening, I had written more than I had in weeks.  It felt liberating.  My creative side was rejoicing, and I knew that this was a good step for me to take.  Because in the back of my mind, Spellbound is there, and I’m sitting on it and thinking about it, but I’m letting my creative side have freedom.  Right now, that creativity is funneling toward a new Work In Progress.  I could use this new story for my WIPpet Wednesdays, but I want to do more than just share small pieces of it.  Right now I have posted this first chapter of my superman piece here.

If you have ever watched the television show ‘Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman’ then you will be very familiar with the setting of my story, as it follows that specific genre of Superman.  It’s rated PG-13 for drama/suspense, mild language, and a few make-out scenes.

Might I add one final, teeny weeny comment and a pic?


*clears throat*  Dean Cain is HOT.