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I missed last week of WIPpet Wednesday.  Regi had made a comment a few weeks ago in regards to the number of comments us WIPpeteers are recently giving each other.  I quite agree that August has just been a plain busy month.  That’s why last week’s was missed.  However!  Here I am for this week, and I want to let you know it may take me a few days to get around to some of your posts.  With the numbers growing, it’s hard to get to all, but I do get to some.

I am giving you guys a new WIP today.  Currently, I’m stalled on Spellbound.  My creativity was cramping big time.  Without going into details (my last post on here summarized it), right now a Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman fanfic has blossomed in my head, taken over my fingers, and I’ve written over 6,800 words in less than a week.  I finished chapter three last night.  Ohhh, the joy to be writing that much again!

So I am going to post 29 sentences from chapter two of my Superman fanfic, “Will You Be Mine.”  Today is the 21st, and it is the 8th month of August.  21+8=29.  That’s how you are getting your 29 sentences.  Are any of you familiar with the 90’s television show of Lois and Clark?  I sure hope so.  I also hope you are familiar with fanfiction.  Basically, I am taking these characters that have already been set up, using their personalities as best I see fit, and taking them on a journey of my own creation.  As such, fanfiction doesn’t generally involve the normal setup, because I post at fanfiction.net, in an area where I assume the audience knows the general background of the series.

In any case, for today, I am letting you know that my fanfiction story takes place in the 4th season when Lois and Clark are married.  The scene is Clark coming home from helping to put out a fire that burned out two thirds of a strip mall.  Lois hugs him, and crinkles her nose because he smells like smoke.  She’s prepared a wonderful dinner for them and wants him clean.

* * *

Lois smiled.  “How fast can you take a shower?”

Clark grinned crookedly.  “Fast,” he emphasized.

Lois gave him another small kiss.  “Three minutes.  Any less, and you don’t get dessert.” The look in her eyes told Clark dessert was nothing of the food variety.

“I’ll make it two,” Clark promised, and in a blur of motion he left Lois and zipped upstairs to the master bathroom.

With the speed and dexterity that only Superman possessed, Clark had shed his clothes, thrown them in the hamper and started the water, all within passing few seconds.  In less than a minute the spout turned off and he climbed out of the shower.  Taking a quick glance in the mirror to fix his hair, Clark stopped short, his super speed halted.

The mirror was fogged.

Mirrors didn’t fog up with less than a minute of showering.  Clark had even showered in cold water so that he didn’t have to wait for the water to heat.

More shocking than that though, he saw two words traced into the fog on the mirror, as if a finger had recently written them.

Find me.

A cold shiver snaked up Clark’s spine.  His dream from the previous night immediately flashed in his mind’s eye; those were the words the red-headed girl had spoken to him.  He looked around, but of course no one was in the bathroom except him.  He stared back at the words in the fogged mirror, but already the image was beginning to fade, the mirror returning back to normal.

He was slower in getting down to the kitchen, unsettled by the recent events that he didn’t quite hear that Lois was speaking to him.


Clark blinked, his mind drawn back to Lois who was sitting at the table.  “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

One finely shaped eyebrow quirked.  “I said it’s been over three minutes.  Are you okay?”

Clark opened his mouth, about ready to tell his wife the strange event he just witnessed up in the bathroom and about his dream from the previous night.  Suddenly, though, he found he didn’t want to.  The last time a ghost had crept into their lives, that ghost had possessed Lois and had the intention of possessing his wife indefinitely.  If Lois found out there might be another ghost in the house . . .

* * *

There you have it!  Of note, I currently have two chapters of this piece here, and will be getting the third chapter up soon.  This piece is not perfect and has flaws, because it is more of a creative exercise for me than taking it completely seriously.  I do apologize for grammatical and punctuation errors.  They will be there.  But I am hoping that you liked my WIP enough to join me for the full ride as I post it online 🙂

Much thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting this event, and if you are so inclined join, simply link your website for all of us to see and read!