Oh my!  Once again Wednesday has caught up with me and I almost completely spaced WIPpet Wednesday.  Not much time to talk as I am quickly writing this before dashing off to work.  In honor of the 4th day of September, I give you four paragraphs.  I have realized that with my wippets, I give you guys quite a bit.  Do you like this, or do you find that you wish for shorter snippets?  This piece is from my fanfiction superman story, “Will You Be Mine.”

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Miss Wingham’s pale blue eyes sparkled with humor, and her mouth quirked.  “I do not believe in coincidence, Mister Kent.  It is merely a blind man’s excuse for not acknowledging the existence of fate. I did not know you were having dreams; I could only know of my own, and in them, I dreamt that you were wandering around in my mansion, calling for Rose, but you could not find her. I, on the other hand could, and she was pleading with me to help you find her.”

For the second time today, Clark felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end and a chill race up his spine. “Why me?” he mused out loud.  “I’m not a medium.  I don’t help spirits cross over.”

“That is why I invited you here in hopes that we both can find out,” she answered.  “Our meeting was meant to be.  I do not always read the Daily Planet, but this morning the desire called, and there, quite plainly, was a picture of you next to a column you had written.  I would not call that mere coincidence, but rather an unseen hand guiding us together.”

Clark thought that over for a moment.  He didn’t want to say he was a skeptic of fate, but his reporter’s instincts pushed him to find links and connections and reasons.  “Miss Wingham, you told me a little while ago that you believe Rose is haunting your estate.  What makes you think that?”