Did you read the title right?  Yes you did.  I was able to go to Comic Con!!  Contrary to what I feel a lot of people were drawn to, Stan Lee or William Shatner were not on my list of people I absolutely have to meet.  What really drew me to the convention was the later announcement of three people:  Dean Cain, David Yost, and Walter Jones.

David Yost and Walter Jones are the original Blue and Black Power Rangers, and since that show is a big inspiration for my How You Found Me Series (which unfortunately seems to have been pushed back in its writing process), I felt lament over not being able to meet one (or both) of them to explain how they inspired me.

me and david yostYeah, my husband changed that dream.  He made it happen.  It’s quite funny, I have this picture on my phone, but I don’t know where the cord is to upload, and so this is a cell phone picture of the ACTUAL picture on my camera.  Yes, I’m lazy, and I’m a dork.  But look!  *points to the picture*  I met David Yost!  He was a sweet guy, and seemed quite surprised that I asked for a hug (you can see in the picture that he was still holding his blue helmet and power morpher.  I didn’t give him any time to put those items down before asking if it was all right to get a hug).  I’m a hugger.  It’s who I am, and it felt great to give David Yost a hug!


The other celebrity I had the opportunity to meet was Dean Cain.  I don’t have many words for this experience (okay, actually that’s a lie, I have TONS of words, but none of them feel adequate).  I was a fan of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ever since the first episode.  I have many memories of sitting down with my family and all of us watching this show together.  I fell in love with the series and how Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and the famous Super hero was played.  I came up with lots of story ideas in my head for years and years.  Dean Cain was, yes, very hot and my crush on him has never left, but more than that, I really liked him as a person from interviews that I had watched.  His portrayal of Clark Kent and Superman is what helped solidify my fandom for Superman into something permanent.  Aside from smiley faces, I was known as the girl who loved Superman.

So believe me when I say that it was a huge moment in my life to stand before Dean Cain and actually meet the man.  He asked me my name, held out his hand . . . and I didn’t take it.  Instead, I asked for a hug.

Boy, did he deliver.  I’ve never received a hug like that.  It was one of the best hugs I’ve ever been given, and I’m saying that truly.

me and dean cainThis picture depicts the SECOND hug he gave me.  Look at that hug!!!  Do you see what I mean?  He just drew me in to this absolutely fantastic bear hug that I just melted into.  His message to me was: Sarah, thanks for the hugs.  He hugged me a total of four times!  FOUR TIMES!  Am I spazzing a little?  Yes, yes I am.

You see, when I want to meet a celebrity, when I want to talk to them, it’s because I see something in their personality.  I see something in THEM.  They’re real people, just like you and I.  They have interests and hobbies and flaws and the whole bit.  For me to want to meet a celebrity, it’s got to be for a reason.

Dean Cain and David Yost, I want to thank you guys for your generous smiles and extremely kind hospitality, you made me feel like I mattered.  I appreciate that.

Now, I realize this post is long enough, but I do want to direct your attention to a tab up in the left hand corner of my site.  There is the ‘About’ tab and ‘The Coin’ (which gives info about my published short story, hint hint)  but there is also a tab titled ‘Will You Be Mine.’  The Superman fanfiction story I’ve been sharing for the past few WIPpets?  Yeah, I decided to post it here.  It’s up on fanfiction.net, but I thought for ease, I would place it here as well.  For those of you that are interested, the first five chapters are up!  I will update you once more chapters come up, but the sixth chapter has yet to be written, so you are getting very up-to-date story information.

Please do drop a line/feedback/comment and let me know if you have read it and what your thoughts are.  I love hearing them 🙂