My fellow WIPpeteers, I had my first live blog talk radio interview on Monday!! I said waaay too many “uh’s” and rambled a bit long in parts and my throat was dry and I forgot to drink water even though the cup was sitting right next to me at the table, but… it would be great if you listened to it!  *gives the puppy eyes*

My Interview with Leesa Myers

It’s 31 minutes long, so I understand if that’s 31 minutes a bit too much, but hey! There’s a giveaway I’m doing! Listening to the interview is optional, but the giveaway is for anyone who comes to my site. It runs through rafflecopter and ends tonight at midnight MST. I’m trying to bolster my Facebook and Twitter following(@booksbysmiles).

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Now, onto WIPpet Wednesday.  I won’t be participating next week because I’ll be gone to Disneyland, something I am extremely excited for and have already begun packing even though me and the hubby don’t fly out until Sunday afternoon.  You would think this is my first time going based on the excitement and non-stop talk I give about how much I love Disneyland, but in truth, this will be my fifth time going there.  I am Disneyland fanatic for life!

So, WIPpet Wednesday.  I am going back to Spellbound, because I just finished chapter thirteen this evening, and that has left me pumped!  I take you to the second chapter of the story.  Terry is instructing a karate pupil, Greg, in his second lesson.  The six-year-old boy is taking the lessons seriously, something Terry has noted among his pupils at Harper’s Grove.  I am giving you twelve sentences, because it’s the 10th month and the 2nd day of October.

* * *

Greg was not the first pupil to show such grim determination at so young an age for mastering everything Terry was teaching.  No, he had a full day ahead with other pupils of varying ages with that same look in their own eyes.

It brought him back to his own memories of when Karate was first introduced in his life.  He was Greg’s age.  At six years old, he had learned similar lessons that no young child should have to learn:  what it was like to lose someone.  Greg had lost his father during the Annual Fair catastrophe.  Terry had lost both of his parents in an automobile accident.

His parents had gone out for a date, but were hit and killed by a drunk driver.  He hadn’t found out about it until the next morning, surprised to walk out of his bedroom into a house filled with policemen and a caseworker instead of his parents.  The babysitter – a sixteen year old girl whose name he didn’t remember – was nowhere in sight.  She had been the first babysitter he’d ever had.  After that night, though, he’d had more than he ever cared to remember.

* * *

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