Hello fellow WIPpeteers!  I am back from my Disneyland vacation, and am SO glad that I scheduled a few days of relaxation before returning to work.  Me and the hubby pushed ourselves fairly hard.  We went with my in-laws, and it was the first time I went with kids.  Check out one of the many awesome shirts I found while I was there.


Ha!  I love it.

Disneyland was a blast, and I came back with lots of cool stories, but frankly, my brain is fried right now.

That is mostly due to the fact that I was really excited to come back and write.  Yesterday I only accomplished a whopping 414 words (had to do story and timeline research, which took more time than I wanted and then there was the fact that I was just plain tired).  Tuesday, however, was different.  Technically it’s still Tuesday as I am writing this, but as this WIPpet group is international and time zones vary greatly, I take advantage of that and post my WIPpet on Tuesday evening, because it works better with my schedule.

SO… where I was going with that, is I wrote 2,508 words today on chapter 14 of Spellbound, and that is the reason my brain is fried!  It’s a happy, fulfilled kind of fried, but nonetheless, I’m jumping right into WIPpet math for the 16th of October.  Here is 14 lines from chapter three of Spellbound.  I seem to give you guys a lot of dramatic or serious excerpts, so here’s a lighthearted one.  Here’s the math I went with in order to make 14 lines work. It’s the 10th month in 2013.  So 10+3+1=14.  Yup, I skipped the two.

To set up, I have introduced you to Terry, who’s the new guy in Harper’s Grove, but the other main character is James. Right now Terry is currently with James and his friend, Zeke.  All of them work at Artie’s Gym.  Yuna is another friend that is mentioned, though she isn’t in this particular scene.  Zeke is trying to set up an unenthusiastic James with a double date.

* * * *

James’ eyebrows shot up momentarily before coming back down in a distinct line of frowning.  He groaned.  “Dude, another blind date?”

“She’s hot. I promise!”

James snorted.  “Which one?  Your date or mine?”


“You’ve seen both of them this time?”

“Yeah, dude.  I got your back, don’t worry.”

James didn’t look convinced.

“I met them outside of Yuna’s class just a little bit ago,” Zeke went on.  “They’re both school teachers and are really into yoga.  Boy can they bend!”

James gave no indication that he cared.  Brushing over the comment, he raised a quizzical brow.  “The last one you set me up with liked to light things on fire.  Like my pants.  She thought that was an appropriate way to tell me she wanted them off after ten minutes of meeting me.”

* * * *

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