Happy *almost* Halloween!!  This is pretty much my favorite holiday.  I love the decorations, I love how the seasons change and the weather becomes colder (and in the case of Utah, we get freak bouts of snow right before the holiday), and I enjoy the spooky or fun atmosphere you can choose to embrace.  When I was younger, I used to really enjoy the scary aspect, but as I’ve grown older and been around my young nieces and nephews, I think I’ve really come to love the fun, charismatic version of Halloween.

So I had a choice, to give you a scary, tense excerpt. . .

Scarface Pumpkin

 or to give you a fun one…

happy pumpkin

Well, I chose a fun one.  There was great response over my WIPpet piece a few weeks ago in which James reminisced of a blind date who had lit his pants on fire.  His friend, Zeke (who had set him up with that lovely pyro-freak girl) , has shoved a piece of paper into his hand of yet another blind date.  Terry sees how uncomfortable James is to tell Zeke no, and seeks to lend a helping hand.

Below are 19 sentences, and my math follows something like this.  Today’s date is 10/30/2013.  So 10+3+0+2+0+1+3=19.

* * * *

James looked up, confused over the random question.  “Huh?”

Terry inclined his head and looked pointedly at the crumpled paper.  “You’re staring at that thing like it’s going to bring the black plague.”  He turned toward Zeke and raised his eyebrows.  “If it does, please do not set me up with anyone.  Ever.  I like my pants.”

Zeke sputtered with indignation.  “Hey, don’t blame me for one dud among a whole pool of beautiful ladies.  This one is good, she’s got class.”  He jerked his head toward James.  “It’s Butter-boy here.  He lets them all slip through his fingers.”

That stirred a reaction from James, whose hazel eyes widened incredulously.  “Butter-boy?

Zeke nodded, wiggling his fingers.  “You’ve not given one chick I set you up with a call back.  They fall right through the cracks.”

* * * *

Thanks to the fabulous K.L. Schwengel for hosting WIPpet, and for those who are interested, follow the link to some other fabulous writers (you could even be one of them!) I apologize for not getting around to everyone last week, quite a few of my evenings were tied up with activities.  I will be better this week, because it’s the last week before NaNo starts and I plan to be a busy writer (Well, more like two more days before it starts, if you count today, but anywho).  This will be my first NaNo!  I need to figure out how to add an inner circle of friends on there so I have someone to report to and keep track.  Adrian, if you’re reading this, I want you in that inner circle!