Nanoo nanoo! Heh, heh… Regi, I had to borrow that for my first NaNo update, it was just too good. If anyone else has watched Mork and Mindy, please feel free to laugh at the first sentence, because it was FUNNY!

Anyhoo, short blog update, because I’m not feeling too well. I am in fighting a cold, and my body is telling me it needs to lie down. My NaNo count is thus far: 4,222 words. By my own personal standards, having written that much in 5 days is pretty damn awesome (Yes, I’m technically writing this Tuesday night. Evening is where I have time to write). I joined NaNo, not because I believed I would reach 50k (I’m not being critical of myself, I’m just being honest. I’m a slow writer), but I joined because I wanted to unite with other writers in the goal of writing our story and concentrating on our stories together. Adrian formed a facebook group called Virtual Write-Ins. If you are interested in joining, please message me and I’ll invite you. It’s a really nice, very encouraging group.

Okay, onto WIPpet Wednesday. I’m giving you three paragraphs. It’s the eleventh month of November and in the 6th day, so my math is as follows: 1+1+6=8. A Zombie ate half of the eight, the eight is infected, and it looks like a three. It’s a zombie three.

This is the first scene where I take you into James’ POV. He’s escaped from Zeke’s harassment of a blind date and is alone with his thoughts in the employee locker room at Artie’s Gym, where he and his friends work at.

* * * *

James was grateful for the empty employee locker room. He needed the solitude so that he could regain control of the torrent of emotions flooding through him.

Another blind date! Zeke was far too interested in his love life—everyone was. Why? The question rolled uselessly inside his head because he already had the answer: Rachel. His friends, out of the goodness of their hearts, were under the impression that they needed to help him get over her. An impression he’d done nothing to steer them away from because—misguided as it was—he just didn’t want to face the real reason.

Rachel had discovered he was gay.

* * * *

Thanks K.L Schwengel for hosting! Follow the link for more WIPpeteers having fun with WIPs.