Oh my goodness my brain is about fried. I wrote over 2k tonight for Nano, making my total count for the month just over 8k, which feels AWESOME! My hats off to those that are at 16k and over, but in my 8k world, I feel like I’m there with you in terms of accomplishment.

So, I’m keeping this short. I meant to reply to everyone from the last WIPpet on my blog, but I didn’t. I’m sorry! Thank you for all of your replies, they made me smile!

Last WIPpet I took you into James’ POV, and delivered a plot twist. I’m continuing exactly where I left off. It’s November 13, so 1+3=4. I’m giving you 4 short paragraphs, plus one line from the last WIPpet for flow reasons. Thank you SO much K.L. Schwengel for giving us WIPpeteers the gift of WIPpet Wednesday. *hugs* Fellow readers, you can click on the link to find everyone, and you can join in yourself. All writers are welcome 🙂

* * * *

Rachel had discovered he was gay.

If he was honest with himself, deep down inside, it was a relief that she knew—in a terrifyingly vulnerable kind of way. They’d met at Artie’s Gym and went out for three months. It was the longest relationship he’d ever managed, and it was mostly due to the fact that they both had busy lives. It was kind of a perfect relationship for that reason. She was a med student and spent long hours training at the hospital and studying, and James . . . well, if he wasn’t at Artie’s, he was keeping Akira’s forces at bay as the Red Defender. Of course, Rachel had no idea. It was a pact he and the others had made not to reveal their identities to anyone.

Admittedly, his boss Artie knew. That was sort of mandatory knowledge, considering pretty much all of the Defenders worked at the gym—it would’ve been hard to keep a steady job when they’d suddenly have to leave work for no apparent reason and stay gone for several hours.

Rachel’s hectic schedule allowed his absenteeism to go unnoticed, and it was far too easy to distract her with questions about her day when she tried to ask him about his.

He had liked her. She was incredibly smart, intuitive and sincere. She cared about people, something they both shared a passion for. She understood that he valued privacy and never pushed him to delve into details or topics he wasn’t open to discussing; she recognized how his quiet nature played into that. She was golden, really. That’s what made James feel absolutely awful most of the time; she deserved so much better than him.