Happy Wednesday fellow bloggers and WIPpeteers! I’m amazed that a week has flown by already. If any of you have been reading my Superman WIPpet, Will You Be Mine, I have finally posted Chapter Seven last night. Go take a read!

Also, just a bit of a shout out to Adrian.  If you have a moment, go take a look at my Sneak Peek post about the release of Adrian’s new book, Dying Embers! It’s due out Dec 1.

I can’t believe that last week I was announcing the completion of my rough draft of Spellbound! Wow!!! That still feels amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I’ve only managed to edit the first chapter and have done virtually no writing this week.

So. . .

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve broken the rules a little. I’m not posting a WIP today. *gasp* Horrible, isn’t it? Part of the reason is because I want to share with you the continuation of James and his ex-girlfriend Rachel, but. . . remember how I mentioned last week it wasn’t quite ready and how *this* week I’ve done virtually no writing? It isn’t ready still. 😛 I could have chosen another WIPpet, but I thought to myself, this is the day before Thanksgiving.

I would like to utilize this WIPpet Wednesday to tell my fellow WIPpeteers that I am thankful for you.  It feels like a weekly get together with smart, talented, witty, and seriously awesome writers.  More than that though, you’re all awesome people.  So I wanted to take a moment and let you know I am thankful for you.  I’m thankful for your support and words of encouragement, and also for your positive criticisms, because as writers, we really need that the most. Thanks for commenting and leaving me your thoughts.  This group makes the middle of the week feel like a Friday.

Thank you K.L. Schwengel for hosting this!!  Much debt of gratitude goes to you.  *hugs you and your flying monkeys*

I also want to thank my readers!!  Thank you SO much for coming here, and if you have read Will You Be Mine or The Coin, I am very grateful you took the time to check out my work. Thank you for choosing to come here, I deeply appreciate you too!

I realize not every one of you live in the U.S. or celebrate Thanksgiving, but I do hope that all of us practice the art of being thankful, regardless of a nation stating it as a holiday.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have an awesome week, and next week I will be back to finish the excerpt with James and his ex-girlfriend, Rachel.  Click on the link to read the other fabulous WIPpeteers!