Happy New Year WIPpeteers! I know, I sort of disappeared for a few weeks, and if it hadn’t been for Adrian, I would have been vacant this week as well. Thanks deary for reminding me!

My absence has been due in part to the holidays, but to be honest, I sort of retreated into myself for a while. There were some personal challenges I encountered, and instead of thinking up fantastic stories and tackling the job of editing, what I dealt with was my own self. Writing took a back seat, as did socialism. I became my own worst enemy, and after succumbing to it for a bit, I decided that I needed to deal with tackling that side of myself rather than letting it overcome me.

My WIPpet piece I present to you is one paragraph because it is one month into the new year. After James broke up with Rachel, he threw himself into his role of Red Defender, and this piece somewhat mirrors myself, which is why I chose it.

* * * *

To keep himself from going insane, he dove into his role of Red Defender, of protecting Harper’s Grove. He took extra night shifts and paroled the streets or spent time at the Outpost, which was command center to the Defenders. He was grateful Gordon hadn’t asked any personal questions; his leader simply assigned tasks that kept his mind occupied.

* * * *

Short and sweet. Like James though, I’m figuring things out, so not to worry. KL Schwengel, thanks for hosting! Please go follow the link to read what other WIPpeteers are conjuring, it’s highly entertaining πŸ™‚