*Blows nose, politely turning away to discard the tissue and mop up the nostrils* Man, who knew dust could collect on one’s website when it doesn’t get much use? I need to hire someone to clean! Or… I guess I just need to post more.

WIPpeteers, I am back…again. Yeah, I could give you excuses reasons why I haven’t been around, such as my bunnies ate my story and so I couldn’t post anything.  Or the FACT that Godzilla came into my town and climbed on some cardboard buildings and caused the power to go out (but it ONLY affected WordPress, because my visibility on facebook is due to my awesome smart phone that kept internet) and I am just now safely back home in a new cardboard house that hasn’t been destroyed, and the power has been restored.

Or… maybe the simple truth is I haven’t been working on any writing/editing because I’ve been lazy and at the same time feeling quite content with life and just not kicking myself hard enough in the butt to get my story any further toward completion.

So!  Yesterday I edited.  My Wall of Editing (*echo* Editing! Editing! Editing!) is now one sticky note less.  See???

*points to upper left-hand corner* NO chap 7 there!  Where did it go? Hmm...

*points to upper left-hand corner* NO chap 7 there! Where did it go? Hmm…

It has been CRUSHED by the mighty hand of editing! Yee-haw!

It has been CRUSHED by the mighty hand of editing! Yee-haw!

So, onto WIPpet Wednesday.  I present to you eight short paragraphs.  It’s the 5th day of Feb which is the second month into the new year.  2+5=7, and I’m throwing in a bonus paragraph because, well… they really are quite short.

In Spellbound, Terry has just finished his Karate lesson with 7-year-old Greg, but Greg isn’t leaving yet.

* * * *

“Do you have any questions?” Terry prodded.

Greg’s eyebrows furrowed.  “Will these moves help me against a minion?”

Terry matched his pupil’s expression, pausing for a moment of contemplation.  “Hmm,” he said slowly.  “Well, if I were a minion, and I saw you, I suppose I might want to grab for your throat.”

Terry made a slow and deliberate move for Greg’s throat, giving the boy enough time to react by using the upper body block, which effectively stopped Terry from grabbing the targeted area.  He withdrew his hand, his expression still focused and thoughtful.

“Well, since that didn’t work, and if I were a minion, I would want to try grabbing your waist next.”

Again, he kept his movements slow enough for Greg to react, but this time the boy was ready and much quicker.  The lower body block stopped Terry from going for Greg’s waist.  Although a real encounter with a minion would most likely not fare in his pupil’s favor, the point in this demonstration was to show Greg the beginning steps of putting the lesson into practical use.

Terry stepped back.  “Does that answer your question?”

The hint of a smile pulled at his pupil’s lips, and the boy nodded silently.

* * * *

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