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WIPpet math: The 12th day of Feb which is the 2nd month, so 12-2=10.  You get ten shortish paragraphs from me.

Terry has just finished besting James on the dojo.  James is impressed with Terry’s style of karate, but mentions in casual conversation that the moves Terry used would not be allowed in a standard karate competition.  After Terry loses a bit of focus secretly admiring James’ physique, this is his response:

* * * *

Terry shrugged, forcing his thoughts back onto the present conversation.  “Those moves wouldn’t be illegal against Akira’s minions.  A lot of these kids are signing up because they want street-smart defensive fighting.  Competition rules don’t exactly matter to an alien force.”

James looked thoughtful.  “Minions may be stupid, but they’re a lot stronger than they appear.  Street-smart karate is one thing, but thinking they have what it takes to go up against one of those things?  I don’t want my students searching out the opportunity.”

Terry shook his head.  Here it went again.  Though they had formed a fast friendship, when it came to martial arts, this differing opinion always came circling around. Terry felt that in Harper’s Grove, where danger was more imminent than other places, karate should be taught with an added realistic approach that would enable further knowledge on how to best defend oneself, especially outside of competition challenges.  James, on the other hand, felt that to stray from traditional teaching, too many students would inflame themselves with ego that teaching how to go up against Akira’s forces meant that they could go up against her forces.

For a karate sensei who taught self-defense and self-reliance, it was a protectively narrow-minded and hindering perspective, Terry thought.  Instead of hashing into the disagreement again, however, he decided to hit on the other topic James always steered artfully around.

“Tell me again, because I keep forgetting, how strong are minions?”

James’ smile was a bit too sharp, and it didn’t reach the eyes—those soft, hazel eyes Terry pretended not to notice half as much as he did.

“You’ve seen the footage of them.  The news is always showing it.  You know.”

“Yeah, but you’ve seen them,” Terry countered.  “You’ve been there.  Yet, you don’t ever talk about it.”

James shrugged, stepping off the dojo and reaching for his sweat towel and water bottle.  “Not much to talk about.  I don’t know why you like to bring it up.”

“You saved a life,” Terry answered.

* * * *

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