*ahem* This chapter has been loooong overdue to come off the Wall of Editing.  I finally finished the read-through today, and um… may have felt a bit happy to watch chapter 8 of Spellbound burn before my eyes.

I’ve had another few weeks of absence among WIPpet Wednesdays because I haven’t been pushing myself to do much editing or writing.  My dreams, though, are inspiring me to act on my muse.  You see, I tend to have creative dreams.  And I can remember a good amount of plot and development, and it feels like I am a director/actor/editor in my dreams.  I sit back and watch from an audience point of view, or I switch and become one of the characters, or I decide I didn’t like the scene I just lived and do it over again.

So these creative dreams have finally pushed my muse out toward my fingertips, and I decided to write.  If I was becoming too lazy to edit, then I would write.  So I wrote two chapters to my Superman fanfiction, Will You Be Mine.  Chapters Eight and Nine are brand new, so if you are in the mood, please feel free to head over there and give it a read.  Granted, this is just for fun, so grammar errors and other faux pas are likely to occur.

And now!  For the WIPpet part, I give you 6 paragraphs from Will You Be Mine.  It’s the 5th day in the month, and I thought to myself, ‘Hey!  You get a bonus paragraph, because really, it’s only one line.  So you get a bonus line.’

Clark has had haunted dreams where a ghost is pleading with him to find her.  She has shown him a large mansion, so he has sketched it and shown it to Lois, expressing to her his thoughts about trying to help this ghost.

* * * *

“Be careful, Clark,” Lois warned.  “You don’t know what this ghost girl wants from you.”

Clark had expected this kind of reaction from his wife, and he had to admit, she was right.  Their life tended to attract killers and thieves and all sorts of hoodlums.  He reached out for her hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

“I know,” he said.  “I don’t even know what this girl thinks I can do for her, but it’s clear she’s not at rest.  For right now, all I want to do is see if I can find out if the house in my dream even exists.  If it does, I want to know its background and see if she’s tied to it somehow.  Then I’ll move forward from there.”

Lois bit her lower lip, something she did when she was uncertain about things.  “Why did it have to be another ghost coming to bother us?  Wasn’t dealing with one enough?” she fretted.

“I wish you could have seen the look on her face,” Clark said.  “Her sadness pierced right through me, Lois.  I’ve got to try.  I don’t think she’s going to leave me alone until I do.”

Lois gave a soft sigh.  “I know.  And I understand, I do.  Just . . . still, be careful?”

* * * *

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