Hello all! Fellow WIPpeteers, I thank you for your support and understanding in the comments you left me from the last WIPpet I participated in. I apologize for not responding back, but please know your support touches me. My studying is going well, and I’ve been doing a bit more editing lately, too.


This post is really about a book tour that I have joined, spotlighting our very own WIPpeteer, Adrian Smith.


You may remember a month-ish ago that I posted the announcement release of her second book, Dying Embers.  GREAT as it is that she has released a second book in the trilogy, I think you may be like me and wonder what the first book was about, hmm?

Well, in joining this book tour, I was given the opportunity to read it in exchange for an honest review.  However, if YOU would like the chance to receive a free copy of Forever Burn, the first book in Adrian’s trilogy, there is a rafflecopter link at the bottom of this post that gives you that very opportunity to win one!

Firefighters are trained to keep calm in the face of extraordinary events, but James was never prepared for this.

Saving people is a regular practice in a firefighter’s line of work; it is not something extraordinary or unusual. Just routine. James has been trained to respond to emergency calls and what to do in difficult situations. For James, the most important part of her work is that she knows how to run into a burning building to save a life. She is a firefighter not for the glory and not for the honor. She is there to make a difference.

Working hard has always been a common practice for James, but when her secret significant other is pressuring her to solidify their relationship, tensions start to rise. James is being pushed into turning her life upside down and inside out. She can’t stop disturbing dreams about a little girl she saved from a house fire years prior. She struggles to find balance through the pressures and stressors of her daily life, but she still can’t shake the ill-fated feeling that something is wrong.

Now, for my honest review:

When I read the first chapter, the action and suspense drew me right in.  James is trapped in a burning house, trying to find a girl. It turns out to be a dream, which I was really happy about because I just couldn’t see how James was going to make it out alive.

From there, the next several chapters are slower in pace, though there is some action mixed in with the firefighter calls James and the crew answer.  I never really knew that firefighters do more health and rescue calls than fire calls, and Adrian depicts this in her story.  You get to see a glimpse into the life of a firefighter while they wait at the fire station for that 911 emergency bell to ring.  The life is a little more mundane and ordinary, depicting firefighter heroes as normal people.  I enjoyed that, while at the same time, I really wanted action!

That’s when the story picked up.  James rescues a little girl from a burning house, the same little girl that has been in her dreams, haunting her.  That little girl comes into her life, and the action picks up. *claps hands*

The relationship between James and her significant other, Addison, intrigued me.  There isn’t a lot of romance in their relationship, something I enjoy as a reader.  Without that element, I was pulled into a different kind of relationship I don’t see a whole lot of, so it was an opportunity to witness what made these two characters click.  They are both tough Alpha women, which I believe Adrian depicted with specific purpose.  You will not find any weak princess calling out for a knight in shining armor in Forever Burn.  James and Addison are the exact opposite of what most women are portrayed as in stories:  someone needing the man to help them out.

It was lovely to see their strength of character.  At the same time, I really wanted to shake James and yell at her a few times.  She’s a private, secretive person who doesn’t trust easy.  She REALLY could have trusted a *wee* little bit more.  But it’s a story, right?  Gotta have some moments where the character keeps the situation rolling.

Adrian writes in third person omniscient, and in case you don’t know what that means, it’s where you get inside the head of all the characters in the story and the POV (point of view) can switch around at the drop of a hat.  That made following who said what in dialogue a little confusing, and when I was intrigued to follow more internal POV from one character is when it switched to another character. *frown* I especially wanted more of an internal POV from a character by the name of Rob.  I have heard on good faith, though, that in Dying Embers, I get that wish.  Rob’s character is around a lot more, and so is his POV.  *claps hands*  I like Rob.

What most intrigued me about this story is the paranormal element to it.  James and Addison have special gifts.  Other characters that you meet in the story have different special gifts.  If you’ve ever heard or seen the show “Heroes,” then Forever Burn is a story you will enjoy.  I wished I could have been given more of a closer background history of all these gifted people, but that’s what the first book is meant to do, right? Keep you wanting more.


And the ending…. grrrr.  That is all I will say.

One more final thought:  Go buy this book!  Or enter for a chance to win a copy!  *points to the link below*

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Adrian, keep doing what you’re doing, because you are a fabulous writer 🙂