Boy do I have happy news to share!  Amid my newfound obsession with ‘Orange is the New Black’ (hence the title.  If any of you watch the show, I LOVE the theme song) I have made some awesome time for editing!  I feel quite proud of myself, because I have been binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

I have four chapters left before I can hand Spellbound over to Adrian and other beta readers.  Sooooo happy about that!  My goal is to join NaNo in July and write 30k for the month.  That would be a glorious start to the second book, ‘Captured’ in the How You Found Me series.  I need to do some plot structuring if I’m going to get that done.

The past two weeks have been wonderful.  Spent some great time with family and celebrating the hubby’s birthday and retreating to a bed and breakfast for some relaxation and fun, and just… loving life.

Also, I’ve got some exciting news.  I’ve been working with an illustrator, Mike Hamlett, and he’s going to have some character illustrations for me to show here pretty soon.  I will be able to introduce you guys to a few characters!  Sqweeee!

So onto WIPpet Wednesday.  It’s the 11th day, so here’s 11 paragraphs.  I’m giving you a little bit of action, and I think the piece explains enough information for you to understand what’s going on.

* * * *

It all happened so fast.  One instant Terry was turning around, frozen with shock at the unexpected appearance of the infamous Akira, the next instant he was blinded by a flash of green light that disoriented and stunned him.  When Fairview Park swam back into focus, James was unconscious on the ground and he, Officer Avery, and Aaron were surrounded by an army of minions, their arms held securely by thick grubby hands.

Akira’s emerald eyes glowed amidst the settling darkness, staring down at James like opalescent lanterns.  Terry could make out the deep forest green of her gown, glittering with jewels that sparkled like the stars now peppering the sky.  The gown cinched at the waist and flowed outward, the bottom of it billowing as she reached out her foot to kick James in the chest.  James didn’t move.

Terry cried out, struggling to untangle himself and help James, but this was not like the fight he’d had only moments ago.  Rough sausage-like fingers dug into his arms in a vice-grip he couldn’t break.  It confused him; he’d gotten out of their grasp earlier, so what had changed?  He could make out the dark figures of Aaron and Officer Avery struggling against the minions, but they weren’t making any headway.

The alien sorceress let out a throaty chuckle, her ears deaf to the sounds of Terry and the others.  Her gaze rested fixedly on the crumpled form of James.

“I finally have you, Red Defender,” she said softly.

At those words, Terry stopped his struggling, hanging limp in the grasp of the two minions.  A cold shiver raced down his spine.  What?

“You are going to watch this town fall at my feet,” Akira continued, addressing the unconscious James.  “You will see your fellow Defenders draw into my grasp, and you are going to witness their life squeeze through my fingers.  I have you!”  Akira laughed, hard and rasping.

James remained silent, unmoving.

Akira’s earlier words drummed against Terry’s skull, ricocheting like a ping-pong ball.  Red Defender, Red Defender. . .

James was the Red Defender?  All this time!?

Akira’s luminescent gaze trailed over and locked onto Terry, her white pointed teeth glistening.  “You,” Akira demanded, sauntering over to him.  She stopped a few feet away.  “I have been watching you.  You fight well—” she paused with a sneer, “—for a human.”

* * * *

Grammar question for you, because I’ve been back and forth on this.  Minion is technically a general term.  At first I was capitalizing it because that is their names and how I announce them.  In Spellbound, my villainess Akira has Minions, and Golems as her battle creatures.  In the piece, I have minion in lower case because I started to overthink the situation.  So I am asking you, writers, for your opinion on what you think would be grammatically correct.

Thanks KL Schwengel for hosting this each week, and please go check out the other fabulous WIPpeteers to see what shannanigans they’re up to.