Hello fellow WIPpeteers! I missed last week.  It wasn’t intentional, but I forgot to prep for it the night before, and then on Wednesday I ended up working a double shift because a coworker called in.  I would have almost forgotten about it again, but as I worked on editing and chatted with the facebook Virtual Write-In group, Amy Mitchell mentioned working on her WIP.

Thank you Amy!  Bless you for remembering!

Round two of edits has been completed with Spellbound, so now it is off for Beta reading.  Their comments and suggestions are what I have been working on today, and the piece that I am including is a scene addition to help with character development.  I present to you a new character, Yoko Wong.  She is friends with James and also works at Artie’s gym. I give you two paragraphs and a bonus two sentences for July 2nd.

* * * *

Yoko placed the phone back on the receiver and rubbed at her eyes. Parents could be so infuriating.

I’m sorry we had to cancel swim class tonight, ma’am. . . Yes, I understand how inconvenient it is to receive such short notice. . . No, the pool did not plan to close, but a child defecated in the water so we need to clean it. It will remain closed the rest of the evening. . . I understand.  Once again, I’m sorry about the inconvenience.  I know that you paid for the lesson but I promise that your money will not go to waste.  Your child will still get the proper amount of swim lessons you paid for. . . No, I don’t know which child defecated in the pool. . . No, we don’t plan to investigate, but the situation is under control and the pool will be properly cleaned and sanitized.  It will re-open tomorrow.

Yoko sighed.  She called ten parents in the last half hour, each of them asking the same variation of questions.  All but two of them were polite and understanding.  The first grumpy parent was a father who merely snorted unintelligible noise, but the mother she just finished speaking with had acted as if the poop landed in her own backyard.

* * * *

I want to get personal for a moment, if I may.  I’m happy.  Remember that thing called anxiety and depression I mentioned a while ago?  It was like, six months ago.

I’m happy.

It’s a simple word, but it has profound meaning.  The medication I am on has allowed me to open and blossom into this more self-confident, self-loving person.  I’m more patient.  I’m more laid back.  I’m quicker to laugh, and I just feel good inside.

This year has been a wonderful climb toward discovering more about myself.  It’s been a year of finding things about myself to love.  That’s been really hard to do all of my life, to focus on the good aspects about me. I dwell on the weakest points so often.

So I want you to know something.  Happiness is possible out there. It’s hard.  It’s something you have to seek.  It takes work.

But it’s possible. It’s weird to think that medication helps me so that I can feel it more genuinely.  Somehow, that should be an oxy moron.  *shrug*  It’s true, though, and I thank God for it.  I prayed for his help. I feel that He gave it.

Thanks for bearing through the mushy-ness.  I put it after the WIPpet in case anyone who wasn’t interested didn’t have to read through it. I don’t post on this blog except to do WIPpets, something I need to change, so you got this message mixed in.

Thanks K.L. Schwengel for hosting this WIPpet Wednesday of fun, and please, go check out the other WIPpeteers at the link.  You can join, too!  It’s no exclusive group 🙂