Thanks to Adrian, I may be late to WIPpet Wednesday posting, but thanks to her, I didn’t completely forget and allow laziness to tell me “oops, well… too late.  Next week!”  So thanks Adrian for slapping me with force giving me a polite reminder about Wednesday.

Guess what!! A few Wednesdays ago, I mentioned something about showing you my Defenders.  Well… *unveils the curtain behind the portrait*

Behold, the Dark Defender!

Behold, the Dark Defender!


Who’s the Dark Defender?  Yeah, I’m not gonna tell you.  But I’m gonna give you 8 short paragraphs.  It’s the 9th day, but I’m denying another paragraph because it gives more away than I want to, and believe me, unveiling the Dark Defender is kind of big.  Enjoy! 

* * * *

The Dark Defender tilted his chin upward in greeting.  “Lookie lookie, thought I might find you here.  Jumping into the party a little early before the battle, aren’t you?”

Goldore’s black eyes narrowed.  “Run off, human.  The Empress’ army is more than enough to cause chaos without the Defenders around.  They are powerless and—”

“Yeah, that’s sort of the thing, though,” the Dark Defender interrupted.  “The Defenders are out there.  They got their power back.”  He felt grim satisfaction as Goldore’s eyes widened in surprise. He hid a smile and continued on, keeping his expression grave.  “I’ve sent half of the Minions and Golems to break into the Outpost because the other half are getting torn apart.  Kind of need some backup, but if you don’t give a shit about our Empress taking over Harper’s Grove—”

“YOU FOOL!” Goldore roared, stomping his cloven feet so hard the floor shook.  The Minotaur’s dark nostrils flared with indignation.  “YOU HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING!  AKIRA SHOULD NEVER HAVE TRUSTED A HUMAN TO PERFORM AN OPERATION OF THIS MAGNITUDE—”

“Then get the hell out there and FIX IT!” The Dark Defender yelled in kind.  “You obviously thought I could handle it, too if you thought you could stay here and play!”

Goldore let out a great roar, his nostrils flaring as white puffs blew out from them.  “I SHALL RIP YOU APART IF THIS FAILS!” 

There was a flash of green light, and Goldore was gone.

Amid the sudden quiet, the Dark Defender let out a contented sigh, smiling.  “Much better!” He rested his gaze on the Red Defender.  “So,” he said, bright and cheerful.  “Guess it’s just you and me now, Red.”

* * * *

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