Hello!  I’ve been absent for a few weeks.  It’s been kind of a crazy life for me this month, and most particularly, this past week and a half.  Long story short, I have bed bugs.  If you are facebook friends with me, you’ve seen all of my posts about it (speaking of facebook, I notice that I do a much better job of keeping my personal page fun and engaging and active.  But, well, I forget about the author page.  I’m not doing so well at keeping the two separate.  Especially since my WIPpet friends are friends with me on my personal page, and well… I like the functions of my personal page better than my author page. /end long tangent). 

I live in an apartment and we’re getting bug bombed on Thursday, or whatever it is Pest Control does to get rid of bed bugs.  We are also getting a new bed after that fact, for two reasons. 1) we’ve had our current bed for 10 years, and we’ve been talking about upgrading to a California King the past year anyway, and 2) the bed isn’t going to cost us anything.  We lucked out with an awesome person helping us out. 

WIPpeteers, I’m in debate about what to show you.  You see, my first book, Spellbound, is still in the editing process and getting reviewed by other betas, and in my mind, it’s still a WIP.  The one that I am actively working on is the second book, Captured.  And. . . well, I dive right into issues on the second book.  Issues that I feel would be spoilers because you haven’t read the first book.  I want to protect those spoilers. 

I hope you don’t mind terribly if I continue to give you WIP’s from Spellbound, the first book. To help me figure out what to share, I utilized WIPpet math!  Today is the 7th month and the 30th day.  7+3+0=10.  From chapter 10, I give you 7 sentences because the year, 2+0+1+4=7.  And, um… yeah, I’m not going to explain anything.  *grins* 

* * * *

James stood in front of the large window, keeping himself a safe distance away from the dangerous voltaic golden bars, staring out at the vastness of space.  For a while he, Aaron, and Avery had lost themselves to the view.  While they remained unhappy with their confinement, they had agreed it seemed unwise to pursue an aggressive search for escape.  In here, there was air, which felt a miraculous gift while gazing out upon the void of outer space where such a thing did not exist.  So they gave themselves permission to enjoy the closest view they would probably ever come to the star-crossed belly of the universe.

                He had no way of telling time, but it felt like several hours had now passed. Aaron and Avery had long ago fallen asleep, their prostrate forms barely visible across the cell as the gray-white mist swirled about them hovering like a soft, thick blanket. 

* * * *

There you go!  We’ve had some awesome WIPpeteers join the ranks lately! K.L. Schwengel, you do bomb!!  Due to the rising numbers, I apologize if I don’t get around to everyone.  After the bug bombing, there’s clean-up involved…

Oh, one more piece of information.  Tune in next week.  I’ll be revealing Akira’s villain portrait to you!!