It’s the 13th, and it’s WIPpet Wednesday.  To me, I want to treat this as if it was the creepy Friday the 13th in the WIPpet world.  Sooooo…. I’m cutting right to the chase!  I’m giving you a creepy excerpt.  If you are squeamish, I give you warning.  For WIPpet math, 1+3=4, so I’m giving 4 paragraphs and a bonus line, because really, the last two ‘paragraphs’ are one liners of dialogue. 

* * * *

Kelsey gave the punching bag one last solid blow, placing a large dent into the cracked, red leather.  She grinned.  Man, she was good!  Using her forearm to wipe off the beads of sweat along her brow, Kelsey set about removing the boxing gloves from her hands, but something caught her eye.  Looking up, the cracks in the leather bag had bloomed and flowered, and from them trickled red streams of what looked like blood. 

Horrified, Kelsey stood there and watched the stream turn into torrents, the leather cracks widening until they splintered open.  From within the bag’s depths fell Zeke, his battered Blue Defender uniform drenched in blood.  Kelsey screamed while reaching out to catch him, but with her hands still encased in the gloves, all that resulted was Zeke falling on top of her, the both of them tumbling down onto the Outpost’s floor.

While blood continued to pour out around them, Kelsey scrambled to push Zeke’s damaged body off her, but the gloves on her hands prevented any reasonable progress. She lifted an arm to her mouth so she could bite into the glove and release her hand, but instead red liquid filled her mouth. Zeke’s blood.  She let out a loud shriek and called to the others for help, but the only one to appear was the Dark Defender.  He was a mere five feet away, laughing maliciously and drawing nearer, his scythe blade drawn—

“Kelsey!  Wake up!”

“Aaahh!” Kelsey yelled, flailing her arms wildly. 

* * * *

Teehehehe, there you go 🙂  Hope that was some good suspense for ya. 

Sorry I missed last week, but in retrospect, it was good that I did.  The week became more busy and I wouldn’t have gotten around to reading any of the other WIPpets, which was something that happened the previous week, too.  I’m sorry!  😦 

KL Schwengel is fabulous, and so are the rest of the awesome WIPpeteers!  Go check them out here!