Hello!  I am working on a few brain cells left, so this will be a short and sweet post.  I was absent last week from WIPpet not because I forgot (which happens a lot), but because it was a busy week!  I went to Comic Con and met the Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, and Barbara Eden, who played Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.

Meeting the two of them was very fulfilling and extremely memorable for me.  I had the courage to talk to Jason David Frank about my book, and that felt more gratifying than words can express (shocking, right?)

After that, the hubby and I took the weekend to drive and attend fellow WIPpeteer Adrian for her wedding.  It was a really nice ceremony, and many congratulations and warm fuzzies for the sweet man she found to share lots of geek-filled years with.

For the WIPpet, I chose to let the date speak for me.  As the 10th day, I turned to the 10th chapter, 10th paragraph down.  Because of things that happen in it, I feel comfortable sharing only one paragraph.  So sweet and short!  The ‘her’ that is referred to in the excerpt is Akira, my villainess.

* * * *

When the Dark Defender had returned from his mission at the Outpost, he hadn’t expected to find her working where she stood now.  He’d seen the fatigue and strain in her body and wanted to demand she let herself rest and recuperate, but instead, he’d received a tongue-lashing for showing up empty-handed.

* * * *

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