Fellow greetings on this lovely WIPpet Wednesday!  My apologies for missing last week.  At this point, know that there are some weeks I will be joining, and other weeks I won’t.  I’m sort of struggling with this little thing called Motivation (and giving an excess of the word LAZY).  I haven’t been writing a whole lot lately.  What I HAVE been good at, however, is keeping up with the beta edits on Spellbound because I’m very excited to see it progressing and I love the feeling that comes with knowing it’s that much closer to becoming better.  My cover is nearing the final stages of completion! SOOOOO incredibly excited!!!  I have hopes that I can release this at the beginning of the year, but it all depends on the editing process.  Don’t want to rush it.

I NEED NanoWrimo in November.  I NEED to write.  If I am successful at placing that as priority, than my WIPpet Wednesdays may be… well, they may not happen at all.  I will post some regular updates, but I hope you understand, I need to kick myself in the butt and dedicate more of my time to writing.  I’m just not doing it.  I could give excuses.  I HAVE excuses.

Time to not let excuses get the better of me. I will need accountability!

Now, onto WIPpet Wednesday.  It’s October 1st!!!! I love the month of October!  I love Halloween, wearing Halloween, decorating for Halloween, staring at Halloween things, watching Halloween movies…. I CANNOT overuse the word Halloween.  Nope.  Nu-uh.  Halloween is dah bomb!

It’s the tenth month of the year, first day of the month.  10-1=9, but a Zombie threw their rib bone at the nine, and it stuck to the bottom making it look like a disoriented 8.  I give you 8 paragraphs.

Oh!  Important change.  You know how I’ve used Minions for some of Akira’s army?  Yeah, the betas agreed it was too confusing between capitalizing and not-capitalizing.  They are now Grimlings.  Terry, James, and two other people just got done with a Grimling attack.  Introducing Aaron, the construction worker, and Officer Avery of the police force.

* * * *

Terry grabbed James’ shoulder, asking with a pointed gaze, “Are you sure you’re all right?”

Nothing more than a bruised ego, James thought sourly.  Out of the four people in the park, the only Defender present had been taken down five seconds into the attack.  Shame burned the tips of his ears. A few self-incriminating thoughts came to mind, but they halted as he realized the concern burning through Terry’s gaze.  Warm tendrils slithered through his skin, starting at the shoulder where Terry’s hand touched, all the way down to—

“I’m cool.” James shrugged out of Terry’s grip before he lost self-control.

Terry’s dark eyes flickered with surprise, and then widened in understanding. The concern was a touch too intimate. A faint blush tinted his cheeks, and he lowered his arm, looking awkward and tense.

“Wow, mushy moment here,” the construction worker commented.

James turned with a stiff twist and seized the moment of distraction. He tipped his head back in greeting and pointed to the object in the man’s hand.  “You were wicked smooth with that pipe there.”

The man’s freckled face spread into a toothy grin. The twilight of dusk highlighted his wavy red hair, fussed and windswept from the fight. He held up the metal pipe in presentation. “I never go anywhere without She-Ra.”

There was a small beat of silence before Officer Avery snorted. “She-Ra? Like from He-man?”

* * * *

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