Hello world! Hello blog.  And a very special hello to #ROW80.  I’ve decided to join you, thanks to Adrian’s encouragement.

I’m one of those people that hate writing goals. I try to go big as a motivational tool like joining NaNoWriMo in November and writing 50k words even though I know I’ll never come close to that, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll come close to like 30k.  But the past two NaNoWriMo’s I’ve done, drama just tends to hit around that time of year, and my writing is pitiful.

I’ve been away for a while.  The drama thing, yeah, the last few months have been that for me.  Depression hit, and I sunk into it pretty deep.  Didn’t write.  Didn’t do much except escape into the world of TV and crying.

Not that all days were bad.  Christmas and New Years were really wonderful.  I have wonderful family.  Wonderful friends.

But I hesitate going too personal here, because that’s not what this post is about.  I’m on the upside of things.  The light is back, and my head is getting back into writing.

My first writing update is that Spellbound has gone into hibernation.  It needs some revamping and re-structuring, and right now, I have to take a break from it.

Which brings me to my goals and ROW80.  My second writing update is that I’m working on my Superman fanfiction I’ve got posted on the site, Will You Be Mine.

I’ve had a few chapters done for a while and kept them in limbo until I had more written and knew no information in those chapters was going to change. So by the end of today, you will see 5 or 6 new chapters loaded.  Hurray!  If you have been following along in the story, I would encourage you to maybe re-read it again, otherwise you might be confused with the new chapters.  It’s a mystery story, so all of the clues build on each other, and if you’ve forgotten things (which I guarantee you that you have because it’s been so long since an update), details might get confusing quickly.

So, my ROW80 goals are:

Write 3 days a week for an hour.  If I write more than an hour, great, and if I write more than 3 times a week, great, but I need my goal small and attainable.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are my days I figure will work best with my schedule to get in an hour.  I’ve promised myself that if I can’t seem to focus at home, I will drive down to McDonald’s and start the hour over there.

I started writing Thursday night.  For an hour, I wrote 752 words.

I wrote Saturday because I had been brainstorming the chapter while at work and it was ready to come out of my fingers.  I wrote 1,357 words, and today I added another 1000 words during edits to get these chapters ready for upload. I spent over an hour Saturday and today.

I want to end this post on some good news.  Tomorrow I am celebrating 7 years of marriage with my wonderful, thoughtful, sensitive, caring, insert-more-sappy-words-here, husband! Wahooooooooo!

I married my best friend, and these 7 years have been a continuing transformation of happiness and love and learning how to be a better person.  They’ve been great, and I look forward to more!!

*edit* Four chapters are now up and live in Will You Be Mine 🙂