Sarah_Hart_AuthorS.K. Hart lives with her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She has two bunny children, Pippin and Bubba, whom she loves and adores.

Ever since she was a little girl, S.K.’s imagination was hard at play.  Her Barbie dolls never had an easy life, and in fact they would have fit in to their own brand of Soap Opera.  It was at this young age that her mother noticed the enthusiasm S.K. displayed when school homework consisted of writing, and as such, always encouraged S.K.’s imagination to soar when putting pen to paper.

Because of encouragement from both her mother and father, S.K. kept at this beloved hobby and wrote several small stories, a few bigger ones, and eventually branched into fanfiction.

After attending an Aspiring Author’s Summit in February of 2013, S.K. had gained enough useful information to pursue the route of self-publishing.  In late April, she achieved her goal of becoming a published author.  Although The Coin is her first published work, it will not be the last.  She has plans to write a five book series and is currently editing her first book: Spellbound.  For more information, please see her “Work In Progress” page.

Contact info: booksbysmiles@gmail.com


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