The Coin

TheCoin_SarahHart_Ebook_FinalAt times, many of us lose sight of what is truly precious in our life.  Fifteen-year-old Tara is no different.  On Christmas Eve, a time when many of us reflect on loved ones, service to others, and–most of all–love, Tara has lost sight of these things.  Upset and contentious with God and her family, she falls into fitful slumber until she has a dream that changes her entire outlook.  The powerful and inspirational story tells of Tara’s journey from angry teenager to humble child of God in which she is taught the meaning of love.  The Coin’s message will touch, uplift, and strengthen even the strongest of faiths.

“This piece is uplifting and deep.  If you’re looking for a feel good story about finding and remembering faith, this is the one for you.  The author works through some tough theological issues while making the story relatable, and most of all, relevant to the reader.”  — Aerii Smith, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Coin is available in ebook kindle format on  You may purchase it here


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